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our people

our people

We are a bunch of crazies.

We are crazy about our work, crazy about our advocacies on Outdoor Advertising, and crazy about our commitment to our clients in providing premium sites and the best service out there. We are a mixture of different breeds eager to influence the future, willing to be challenged and to rise to the occasion.

100% fresh – These are the young ones. Idealistic. Bold. Lucky enough to be around when everything is at the tip of their fingertips. They make their voices heard by coming up with novel ideas; technology is at their beck and call and they can multi-task at a lightning speed (just like posting in their social network accounts— Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+. Name it, they have it).


Salt and Pepper – Seasoned individuals who have been in and out of the industry long enough to appreciate its beauty. These are dedicated persons who have launched a thousand campaigns and attended millions of pitches, yet managed to keep their sanity intact.


Thou that is beyond wise – They are the ones that hold everything together. They have solutions to every problem, they have weathered storms and they’ve got scars to prove it. They are the ultimate guide when it comes to what works well in Outdoor Advertising. When they speak, everyone listens.






our people

our leadership


our home

Our 2-story integrated headquarters employs Industrial Style architecture with its use of sharp lines, abrupt connections and interactions of motion. Each room celebrates its unique function yet come together to reflect the vibrancy and energy of our industry.


The exposed beams, trusses and pipes are reminiscent of our outdoor structures. We employed the generous use of colors, textures, and contrasts, plus angled floor spaces in creating a dynamic work environment. Also of note are the bee-inspired applications such as light fixtures and modular workstation layouts.