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join our independent sales network (ISN)



join our independent sales network (ISN)


Earn additional income at your own time & pace under the country’s no. 1 Out-of Home Advertising Company.


HDI welcomes you to its ISN Program which offers income opportunities to the growing number of independent re-sellers in the OOH industry. We are accepting applications for Independent Sales Agents (ISAs) who will help sell our Out-of-Home ad spaces.  Each one who signs on is provided our international sales training system, development program, and support of our ISN and Marketing Services team. 


And just like with everything we do here at HDI, we hope that by making OOH sales accessible to more people, we not only help people live better lives, but raise industry standards in professionalism as well. .

 general requirements


Must be at least 21 years of 



Open to companies or
individuals who enjoy selling


Must be willing to attend an introductory
briefing and other learning sessions


Must have or is willing to
build a customer base


Tell us about you and we’ll contact you shortly.

your information will remain private and will not be shared nor    sold to a third party.


Can anyone join?

As long as you are not engaged in activities/businesses directly competing with HDI, we will be happy to have you.

Do I need sales experience?

Although sales experience is NOT a requirement, it is an advantage… similar to having some college education and/or 2 years work experience in any industry.

How do I earn and how much income can I make?

You earn through straight commissions from every media you book. We offer as much as 10% commission (based on the contract price; varying depending on the media). The payout is given outright upon receipt of the client’s payment.

Who maintains the advertising media?

HDI is responsible for keeping advertising displays in good operating condition. You will never be liable for any damage related to the structure, including installation, repair, and removal.

Who is responsible for obtaining insurance, permits and governmental approvals in constructing the advertising structure?

HDI maintains a general liability insurance policy at its own expense and secures all documentary requirements mandated by law including all other unforeseen costs.

Who pays for the electricity of illuminated displays?

HDI pays electricity costs directly to the power company. The added nighttime illumination, usually from 6PM- 11PM, also serves as an added security benefit for the leased premises.

How long does it take to install a structure?

By average, it takes us the following days to build a structure from scratch:

  • Billboard: 65 days
  • LED: 60 days
  • POV: 15 days
  • Wallboard: 30 days
  • Mural: 45 days


Will the advertising conflict with my existing business use?

No. Should you later decide to use the advertising space for your business’ primary use, our lease agreement includes provisions for moving the advertising structure to an auxiliary location within the leased premises. We will also not place any advertising that will compete with your existing on-site use.

How long is the lease agreement?

The standard lease lasts a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 5 years. Long-term leases are negotiable.

How much annual income could I receive?

Annual revenues are determined on a site-by-site basis and depend on these factors:

  • Visibility and traffic count
  •  Size of advertising display
  • Number of advertising display faces
  • Supply and demand of competing OOH suppliers and advertisers in the area

Will I be given a sales target or quota?

We will not be imposing a quota. However, we may discuss goals and performance metrics to help with your productivity. These may also be used as basis for renewal of engagement with us and for additional incentives for you.

Is this a full time job?

ISAs are independent contractors by nature so the time you put in the work really depends on you. Although there will be no employer-employee relationship between you and HDI, you are afforded the same sales tools available to our employees(kits, presentations). Soon, we will be providing office workstations to make your engagement with us convenient as it is rewarding.

Is working as an Independent Sales Agent (ISA) similar to giving a referral?

Not exactly. An ISA functions as a salesperson and makes direct representation of HDI to clients. As an ISA, your job scope includes offering our services, sending proposals, and closing the sale.  Only contracts, monitoring reports and billings are transacted and served between HDI and the client directly.

Making referrals, which usually entail providing leads/contacts, is just one function of an ISA. If you simply would want to earn commission from a referral, kindly contact anyone from our ISN Team at (02) 921 4754 loc. 204