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about HDI



about HDI
from modest roots to global emergence

HDI stands for ‘High-Desert International’, a reference to the high-elevation inland deserts of West America where we get our all-natural products from. A chance meeting at a trade show in Las Vegas, USA and the subsequent small shipment of products started it all. With no budget for advertising, a crude commission plan was drawn up based on sales & recruitment and presented to 20 attendees in a small living room.  Six months later, HDI held its first large-scale business opportunity meeting in a hotel ballroom in Orchard Road, Singapore where thousands attended and ground traffic to a halt– forging the beginnings of what will become one of the region’s largest multi-level marketing companies.


Today, the HDI brand is a sweeping enterprise spanning 7 countries, made up of over 25 companies in 10 separate industries with over 300 employees. It boasts of a 300,000-strong global health system network supported by a spread of 243 independent business centers.


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“There’s something about having dreams, especially those that turn out beyond what you hoped they would be. No matter how far-fetched they may seem, dreams do come true.”

 Peter Chia, 
Founder & Chairman Emeritus